+20 Websites for Students Preparing Their Final Study Project

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Preparing a final study project (a research project, a thesis, …etc.) is a no easy task. It needs hard work, discipline, and so many resources to use in the process.

In this article, we provide you with a set of websites where you can find sources, tools to correct language, and others to generate citations and check for plagiarism. These websites will help you sail safely toward the end of your project.

Please note that the rating provided is based on our own experience with these websites and tools.


Since most Moroccan students cannot afford to buy sources (book, articles, research papers, …etc.), these websites will be very useful for you to look for articles and book published by scholars FOR FREE.

WebsiteLanguageSuitable ForOur Rating
1.Google ScholarAll LanguagesEveryone5/5
2.Library GenesisAll Language (but mostly English)Everyone5/5
3.ResearchGateAll Language (but mostly English)Everyone4.5/5
4.Internet ArchiveAll LanguagesEveryone4.5/5
5.UK EssaysEnglishEveryone4/5
6.Library of LinguisticsEnglish and ArabicLinguistics and Translation Students4/5
7.The University of Arizona Campus RepositoryEnglishEnglish Majors4/5
8.White Rose eTheses OnlineEnglishEveryone4/5

Language Correction

Language mistakes in higher education are unacceptable. That is why you have to make sure that what you are writing is 100% mistake-free. These websites will help you a lot with that.

WebsiteLanguagePricingOur Rating
1.GrammarlyEnglishFree + has Premium Plans5/5
2.ProWritingAidEnglishFree + has Premium Plans5/5
3.SaplingEnglishFree + has Premium Plans5/5
4.GingerEnglishFree + has Premium Plans4.5/5
5.PaperRaterEnglishFree + has Premium Plans4.5/5
6.Reverso Spell CheckEnglishFree + has Premium Plans4/5
8.Hemingway AppEnglishFree4/5
9.LanguageToolEnglishFree + has Premium Plans4/5
10.SlickWriteEnglishFree + has Premium Plans4/5

Documentation and Citation Creators

Whenever you take some information from a certain source, you should cite it to avoid plagiarism, which is a crime. That is why, these websites will help you prepare your citations and bibliography according to the MLA or APA styles if you are writing your project in English.

  • Bonus

Plagiarism Checker X

This is a Windows tool that helps you check whatever you write for plagiarism and helps you avoid such problems in case you have forgotten to cite a certain source or because you have rewritten an idea you have read somewhere without noticing it is someone else’s work.

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