The Bright Side: Top 8 Opportunities during the Pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic might have ended the lifespan of any project, but the new lifestyle it created gave birth to new projects that will stay profitable for years.

That is to say, entrepreneurs might have gotten the chance of their life during the lockdown, with many innovative, unique, and much-needed opportunities rose to the surface.

This article introduces eight opportunities that entrepreneurs should not miss. (Scroll to the left or to the right)

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1. Online teaching:
Schools closed their doors, and students have to study from home, which means less interaction with their teachers since the latter have so many students that they cannot answer all online.
Here comes the massive opportunity for entrepreneurs who may work as instructors for students in their field of studies. For example, an entrepreneur who studies economics or has experience in the area can give online classes to students of economics or mathematics. The instructor answers questions that teachers did not respond to during their not too interactive sessions.
This can be a long-term project since it will target a large group of people, ranging from students who need extra classes to understand their lessons, to people with health problems or disabilities who cannot commute to school regularly.
Requirements: a degree and/or experience in a particular field of study/work, a computer, a good internet.
Type of project: long-term.
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2. Accounting:
Many companies, families, and individuals are having a rough time during this financial crisis; thus, they will need competent and experienced professionals to manage their expenditures to survive the pandemic.
Entrepreneurs can start an online accounting service to give recommendations, suggestions and prepare financial plans for their clients.
It may be a short-term project, but building a name for yourself during this period, will give you a share of the market with a good customer base in the future.
Requirements: a degree and/or experience in the field of accounting.
– Type of project: short-term (can turn into long-term if you built a good customer base).
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3. Cybersecurity:
Everyone is connected to the internet right now since it became the only way to interact with the outside world during the lockdown. With the rising usage of the internet, the chances of getting targeted by malware and scammers rise, so cybersecurity gains enormous importance.
If you are an entrepreneur specialized in cybersecurity, this is your ideal chance to start your venture.
Requirements: a degree and/or experience in the field of accounting.
Type of project: short-term (can turn into long-term if you built a good customer base and the results were satisfactory).
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4. Dropshipping/e-commerce:
While everyone is staying home, people will resort to online shopping.
Since people either do not want to pay much for the fast shipping or they cannot wait for the long and slow process of free shipping from other countries, entrepreneurs can start working as drop shippers. You can easily buy a large number of a particular product, pay for shipping, add the price of shipping and the intended profit to the total cost, and then sell them locally. You can also gather orders from different people and buy all these products simultaneously, so you can pay to ship just once and then deliver each of these products to the people who ordered them with a profit margin that you find suitable.
This is a long-term project since e-commerce is rapidly becoming the trend.
Requirements: a computer, good internet, and a small budget.
Type of project: long-term.
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5. Translation & interpretation:
Translators and interpreters became as needed as scientists nowadays. The world cannot do without them since they are the ones to transmit the information to the world.
Many news outlets, scientific research institutions, and NGOs are almost fighting for freelance translators and interpreters to let the world get every new update on the virus and the pandemic.
Translation and interpretation are no easy jobs, but they generate a fortune if they produce satisfactory results.
Freelance translation and interpretation are long-term jobs since agencies and companies cling to their translators and interpreters since they know the agencies’ editorial and regularities.
Requirements: Translation: a degree in translation, a good computer, a good internet, CAT tools. Interpretation: a degree in interpretation, a good computer, a good internet, a good headset and computer, and a calm and quiet room.
Type of project: a set of short-term projects that form long-term cooperation with specific agencies.
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6. E-book writing:
This is the perfect chance for people who love writing and aspiring to become successful writers!
With more free time now while locked at home, people resort to reading. But since libraries and closed, people cannot get paper books, so they shifted gear to e-books.
People can look at this venture from two different angles: publishing their books and stories for free to build a name for themselves or selling their e-books for a specific price on various platforms.
Requirements: writing skills.
Type of project: long-term.
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7. Handcrafts:
Many people have a talent for handcrafts, but they could not find support in the past since factories provided cheaper plastic-made counterparts, but during the lockdown and while many factories are still closed or working with only half their capacity, handcrafts became more desirable. Therefore, if you have any talent (pottery, knitting, recycling, painting, …etc.), post your handmade products online and hope for the best.
Requirements: a talent for handcrafts.
Type of project: a project that may start slow but may lead to a substantial long-term project/investment.
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8. Delivery & running errands:
To conclude our list, we find delivery, a project that was tested in the early days of the pandemic and proved to be worthy. You do not need any experience for this job; all you need is a means of transport and to respect precautionary measures not to spread the virus.
Requirements: a bicycle, a motorbike, or a car.
Type of project: long-term (based on how satisfied are the customers).

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