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Build and grow your career network -, formations et emplois

Having a well-developed career network can be a tremendous boost in your quest to finding a job suited to your needs and skills, especially in these challenging times where it’s hard enough to keep up with just your social network. So, how can you start developing your career network? And what are the steps you need to go through to maintain a solid connection thereafter? Let’s figure it out together!

To build a solid and trustworthy career network in Morocco, you need to give it its due diligence and efforts. As it is not the same with your social network that can build up quite easily as you live your life, your career network needs much more care and delicacy. Without further ado, here are the three steps to start with:

This is an important step that should precede every task you’re planning to take on now and in the future. Defining your goals is a way to condition your mind into achieving what you’re set out to do. The key bonus of this step is being disciplined; it results in a synergy effect that helps you go that one step further in accomplishing your goals.

For this particular subject, you need to ask yourself about the goals you want to achieve through this career network you’re planning on building.

It could simply be to find work or it could be other things like thinking of future partnerships or just having someone to fall back on in case you need some advice on your path.

Write your preferred goals down and keep them somewhere you can easily see; it’ll help you stay focused on what you set out to do.

Picking targets is easy but picking them wisely requires a bit more brainpower. Luckily (or not), you can have almost all the information on someone through their social medias.

As for your career network targets, what better choice is there other than LinkedIn to know if someone fits your criteria?

With the main keyword being criteria, how can you determine yours? Easy enough, just think of what sector you’re specialized in or want to delve into and choose people that have at least some kind of relationship with your preferred sector.

Depending on your targets’ positions and career paths they took, they’ll have different contacts and career networks. Think strategically; a target may not fit your needs but can still help you get in contact with other more fitting connections.

Now this is where it starts to get serious: it’s leaving an impression. Preferably, an impressive one.

You can find your targets through professional LinkedIn groups, discussions and forums about the sector you’re interested in, in open venue expos, at professional career organisations (federations, chambers of trade…), through referrals and mutual connections, or as is the last trend, on different online and live courses.

Try to leave as much of a favorable impression as you can, you’ll need it later. It can simply be asking questions or just a friendly greeting. This is just the prelude for what’s coming next; the real goal.

Depending on where you met your targets, you can message them a day later reminding them of who you are and your intention in contacting them. Is it for an interview for a job? Seeking advice to solidify your relationships? Could be anything really.

From there you can continue on growing your network steadily through meeting new people and accomplishing the goals you set for yourself at the first step. Slow and steady wins the race, prepare yourself well for the appointment and try to look as presentable and professional as you can. Also, don’t be late; it’s a red flag that tells a lot about your discipline and commitment.

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