Create a Profile and Network on LinkedIn

In this  course, you will learn how to create a profile and network on LinkedIn. We will go step by step-by-step through this project so you can build a profile if you do not have one or strengthen your current one if you do. You will also learn about the tools and options offered by LinkedIn to assist you. We will explore the basics of how to set-up an engaging profile. You may even learn something you do not already know to make your current profile stand out above the rest. We will expand your network by learning how to make connection requests professionally. And we will go through following people, pages, groups and hashtags.

sboost · November 24, 2021

In this course, you will learn how to :

  • Build a profile that sends a professional message with your banner and your personalized URL code as well as knowing how to share it.
  • Expand your LinkedIn network by making connection requests professionally.
  • Follow people, pages, groups and hashtags to improve your news feed.
  • Showcase this hands-on experience in an interview

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