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    5 Ways to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile

    A LinkedIn profile can have significant impact on the shaping and building of your digital professional brand. With so much of our professional lives now virtual, personal branding is of great importance.

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    Build an Awesome LinkedIn Profile in 2021!

    Learn how to build an amazing professional LinkedIn profile that will get you more leads or get hired! Build your profile, find, write and post content.

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    Building a Compelling Resume or CV

    Master your CV or resume with in depth discussions of everything you need to do to catch a modern recruiters eye. A comprehensive course including lectures, examples, and valuable resources that cover how to build a knock-out resume or CV from top to bottom.

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    Business French for Beginners

    Harness the power of formality levels in French to boost your professional career.
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    Create a Profile and Network on LinkedIn

    In this  course, you will learn how to create a profile and network on LinkedIn. We will go step by step-by-step through this project so you can build a profile if you do not have one or strengthen your current one if you do. You will also learn about the tools and options offered by LinkedIn to assist you. We will explore the basics of how to set-up an engaging profile. You may even learn something you do not already know to make your current profile stand out above the rest. We will expand your network by learning how to make connection requests professionally. And we will go through following people, pages, groups and hashtags.

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    Effective Professional Communication Specialization

    Impress with your business communication skills. Build effective relationships with your current or future colleagues, managers and clients for your professional success. Source:

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    Gestion de la Relation Client et CRM – Introduction

    Une Relation Client consolidée et marquée par la fidélité et la confiance des clients est le but de tous les entrepreneurs & les entreprises. L'automatisation de cette relation par le biais d'une solution CRM est la clé de l'optimisation de toute relation client. Si vous êtes intéressés par ce sujet, ce cours est pour vous !
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    How To Become A Digital Nomad in 2021

    Do you dream of living a location-independent lifestyle full of travel and working from exotic places right on your laptop? Then the digital nomad lifestyle is for you! You see social media influencers and bloggers typing away on their computers and living adventurous and fun lifestyles, but how did they get there? Where do you start to become a digital nomad? Right here! Created by digital nomads for aspiring digital nomads, How to Become a Digital Nomad in 2021 is a comprehensive course that teaches everything you need to know about starting a successful digital nomad lifestyle. With valuable resources and guides included plus exclusive access to a global community, you can start your digital nomad journey in just an hour. In this course, we'll cover

    • Starting a digital nomad career
    • Paying taxes as a digital nomad
    • Digital nomad visas
    • The secret to a successful digital nomad
    • Choosing the right destinations
    • Digital nomad insurance
    • Productivity tips and tricks
    • Realities of a digital nomad lifestyle
    • And more!

    After taking this course, you'll have everything you need to begin your journey as a digital nomad. Taking this course and using the resources provided gives you an unfair advantage over all other digital nomads out there. Start your journey strong and become a successful digital nomad traveling the world while working remotely. Source:

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    Interviewing and Resume Writing in English Specialization

    This specialization will help you develop the English language strategies and communication skills you need to advance in your professional career. Whether you already have a successful career and are looking to move forward, whether you’re looking to change careers, whether you’re starting out in the world of work, or whether you’re coming back into the world of work after some time away – if you believe in working for more than a paycheck, then this specialization will help you. The core courses cover preparing for a successful job search, including self research and research of the job market and industries of interest; strengthening your interview skills by recognizing what hiring managers are looking for and taking steps to prepare for the types of tough questions today's premier companies use; and preparing a resume, cover letter and supporting business documents. The capstone will allow you to apply the skills you learn in this specialization to your own job search. A key benefit of this specialization is the opportunities you'll have to practice your interviewing skills with other job-seekers from around the world. You’ll give them feedback and they’ll give you feedback. In this process, you’ll gain new insight into what makes a speaker successful and you’ll gain confidence in your English interviewing skills. Source:

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    Introduction to Resumes & Cover Letters

    A Free Introductory Course To Mastering Resumes & Cover Letters

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    LinkedIn for Beginners: Learn LinkedIn Fast

    Want to learn how to use LinkedIn FAST? I've got you covered in this complete beginner's course!  When you apply to a job, there's a huge chance that your prospective employer will Google you and search for your LinkedIn profile. That's why it's so important to manage your LinkedIn presence and create a profile that appeals to recruiters. Having a bad LinkedIn profile can cost you the job you've always wanted.

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    LinkedIn Masterclass: LinkedIn Marketing 101


    With 722 million members, LinkedIn is one of the most trusted social networking sites in the world. The reason behind its popularity is the ease with which professionals from all fields can network with each other. LinkedIn has become a pre-eminent online platform for business professionals all around the world today. It is the go-to avenue for people who are searching for jobs, companies that are hiring, and also for freelancers looking for projects worldwide. This makes Linkedin an incredibly essential tool you should be using as leverage, to communicate your personal brand to the world and find the right opportunities to accelerate your career. In fact, if you’re thinking of getting started with personal branding, setting up a LinkedIn profile should be the first step on your list. Irrespective of the brand, industry or job profile, a LinkedIn profile is a must simply because of the networking opportunities available on the platform. Utilizing all the features the platform has to offer is a sure-shot way of impressing potential employers and eventually getting hired. Why use Linkedin? Did you know that a whopping 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn to be the most effective when vetting candidates during the hiring process? LinkedIn helps accelerate the process of your job search because most hiring managers and recruiters are already using it Having an active and well put together LinkedIn profile will significantly increase the chances of you being discovered by various companies looking to hire people based on skills and experience. What is this masterclass about? Our trainer Jeni Asher (Digital Marketing Specialist) will be taking you through the process of setting up a great LinkedIn profile. She will be covering several aspects of profile building that will guarantee success on Linkedin if followed correctly.   You will also get:
    • Certification of Completion from the Indian Institute of Digital Education.
    • Fast and Friendly Support in the Q&A section
    Who should watch this LinkedIn Marketing masterclass? They say that the first impression is most often the last impression. Your Linkedin profile is the first thing hiring managers evaluate before shortlisting applicants for a job. So if you are someone who is looking for a job or freelance projects, this LinkedIn Masterclass is just for you. Applying some of the tips mentioned in the video will definitely help you create a Linkedin profile that stands out from the rest. Source:
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    LinkedIn Training Course

    Learn to use Linkedin effectively and responsibly in this definitive Linkedin Training Course.

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    Personality Types at Work

    We will get you the skills to rise above the rest! We will dive deep into the types and teach you how to translate your new knowledge into business success by leveraging personality and emotional intelligence in the workplace.
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    Resume Secrets: Writing Resumes that Get More Job Interviews

    Why the course is important: The hiring rate is very low, and there is a lot of competition - your resume needs to stand out instantly so it can get read and you can get an interview! . Why you should join the course:

    • You only have a few seconds to convince a resume reviewer to read on
    • Learn how to avoid common resume mistakes
    • Stand out from your peers
    • Make your cover letter more compelling
    • Transform your own resume to help get more interviews

    . What you get:

    1. Resume basics, objectives, and ideal structure
    2. Resume guidelines, common mistakes, and formatting best practices
    3. Cover letter basics and best practices
    4. Video examples of actual resume reviews
    5. Resume Review course with dozens of resume reviews completely FREE
    6. Interviewing Secrets course at a big discount
    7. Free book
    8. Access to closed Facebook group for people to review each other's resumes
    9. As always, lifetime access to the course and all future lecture additions
    10. 30 day money back guarantee

    . Who it's for:

    • Students looking for jobs or internships
    • Working Professionals who want a new position
    • Anyone who is struggling to get interviews
    • Everyone who wants to write better resumes


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    Resume Secrets: Writing Resumes that Get More Job Interviews

    Write a Resume (CV) and Cover Letter that Stand Out & Get Read – Avoid Mistakes and Use Best Practices from Top Resumes.

  • 1 Lesson

    Resume/CV, cover letter, interview

    Do you want a job? A first job or a better job? Your dream job? This course is for you if you want to get a job in any English-speaking country (or in an international company that uses English). We will go through the entire job application process, from constructing your resume/CV to having a successful job interview.

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    Serveur GraphQL : Application météorologique

    GraphQL change rapidement la façon dont les développeurs Node.js écrivent leurs API et leurs applications backend. Il offre un remplacement indispensable à l’API HTTP REST…
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    Small Business Marketing Using LinkedIn

    In this course, you will learn how to use LinkedIn to promote your small business by creating a LinkedIn business page, connecting to the right customers, using the LinkedIn messaging feature, posting relevant content, joining groups, and creating your own group for your small business. This course will benefit small business owners with limited to no social media marketing experience.

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