Resume Secrets: Writing Resumes that Get More Job Interviews

Why the course is important: The hiring rate is very low, and there is a lot of competition - your resume needs to stand out instantly so it can get read and you can get an interview! . Why you should join the course:

  • You only have a few seconds to convince a resume reviewer to read on
  • Learn how to avoid common resume mistakes
  • Stand out from your peers
  • Make your cover letter more compelling
  • Transform your own resume to help get more interviews

. What you get:

  1. Resume basics, objectives, and ideal structure
  2. Resume guidelines, common mistakes, and formatting best practices
  3. Cover letter basics and best practices
  4. Video examples of actual resume reviews
  5. Resume Review course with dozens of resume reviews completely FREE
  6. Interviewing Secrets course at a big discount
  7. Free book
  8. Access to closed Facebook group for people to review each other's resumes
  9. As always, lifetime access to the course and all future lecture additions
  10. 30 day money back guarantee

. Who it's for:

  • Students looking for jobs or internships
  • Working Professionals who want a new position
  • Anyone who is struggling to get interviews
  • Everyone who wants to write better resumes


sboost · November 16, 2021
  • Understand the objectives of resumes
  • Learn resume basics and best practices
  • Follow proper resume writing guidelines
  • Write a resume that stands out
  • Create unique resumes instead of using resume templates
  • Write a cover letter that gets read
  • Learn from actual resume reviews
  • Avoid the most common resume mistakes

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