Visual Learners’ 3 Best Learning Strategies

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Visual learners tend to prefer symbols and different visual formats like maps and charts. You can usually spot them using different fonts, colors, and highlighters to emphasize important pieces of information on an article or lesson.

Visual learners’ preferences do not include images and videos that show real-life people or scenes. Basically, just because it’s shown on a screen does not mean that it’s visual.

Strategies to Retain Information Quickly

  • Avoid visual distractions by sitting near the front of the classroom; 
  • Before class, read the course to prepare;
  • Organize your notes;
  • Make use of visual aids such as videos, posters, slides, and screenshots;
  • Use textbooks that come with diagrams and pictures;
  • Use graphs and charts.

Strategies to Present and Explain Information Effectively

  • Try different spatial arrangements and alignments to present your ideas in graphs;
  • Turn complex pieces of information into easily digestible flowcharts and diagrams;
  • Make every page different from the last one;
  • Learn your audience’s learning preferences and add them accordingly.

Education Strategies for Visual Learners

  • Use the techniques mentioned above;
  • Convert your notes into more visual elements;
  • Reconstruct the images to your own liking;
  • Replace keywords with symbols;
  • Search for patterns in your notes and use them accordingly;
  • If you had turned your notes into images, practice turning them back into words.

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