The 5 Types of Students at Work Projects


As a student, you will eventually have to work in groups. This article aims at lightening the situation by laughing at the 5 most common archetypes of teammates in a group project. If you’ve worked in groups before, you’ve surely dealt with at least 3 of these people. 

The Lazy Student


This person doesn’t care. They don’t want to get any work done. In fact, they don’t mind if the rest of the group did their work for them. This type of student never checks the group chats. They miss all the meetings as well as the deadlines. What happens usually is that the group ends up doing their part and never working with them again.

The Public Speaker

This person is usually bad at preparing for the presentation but they sure kill the public speaking part. They make you question your entire life because of how much of a charismatic speaker they are even if, in reality, they did the speaking for the first time. No rehearsal no nothing! What they lack in the theoretical part, they make up for in the practical part and that’s why all the class wants to work with them.

The Procrastinator

So you agreed on the topic, divided the work, and set up the deadline. The procrastinator will come off as motivated and excited at the beginning, but they will soon get overwhelmed, scared, and fearful. They are usually the type of person who has the attention span of a fly. In their defense, however, they always do a decent job even if it takes pulling three all-nighters back to back.

The Graphic Designer

This student doesn’t subscribe to the premade templates. They go the extra mile and create their own. They are just gifted. They are probably born with it. They enjoy creating slides and designs and they don’t mind doing it all day every day. They may not contribute to the content of the work, but they sure will earn everyone’s admiration for the aesthetics. 

The Hardworker

The hardworker student is the one who had probably chosen the topic, decided on the theme, and divided the parts between the team members. They get overexcited to the point where they finish their work even before deciding on the deadline. They usually end up helping other members getting their work done and find it extremely joyful.

Needless to say, this article is for entertainment purposes only. We’re well aware that every important human accomplishment results from a team of people working together to achieve a goal.

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