Sboost Summer Challenge 2021

Sboost Summer Challenge

What is it?

It is summertime, finally! To make the most out of your summer, Sboost presents “10 Days 10 Challenges”. This summer challenge paves the way for a new life with healthy new habits. We’re aware that building habits takes time and effort, but this challenge aims to maintain some of your old habits and introduce new ones.

What is the Summer Challenge for?

Our goal this summer is to present you with a fun list of 10 challenges of 10 days each to choose from and challenge your friends. Through this summer challenge, we hope to inspire you, to give you a tase of a new lifestyle, so that by the end of the summer you would turn these challenges into habits then into a lifestyle.

What to do?

This month, we’ll be posting our challenges on Facebook and Instagram to encourage you to challenge yourself and your friends. We strive to spread positive vibes among our social groups and to encourage everyone to practice daily actions that will be beneficial to their mental health, productivity, well-being, and career.   

Sboost Summer Challenge

We have created 10 Days, 10 Challenges to go with whatever side of yourself you want to improve. Complete. Everyone is invited to participate in our 10 Days 10 challenges for summer 2021. This is your chance to get out of your comfort zone. 

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Let the challenge begin!

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