Read/Write Learners’ 3 Best Learning Strategies

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People with a Read/Write preference tend to prefer written words. You can usually spot them by their tendency to organize their pieces of information into lists and their love for words.

Strategies to Retain Information Quickly

  • Use lists (like this one!);
  • Use titles and headings that clearly explain what follows;
  • Use bullet points and numbered paragraphs;
  • Spell-check; correct written language errors;
  • Read handouts;
  • Write notes (often verbatim);
  • Get information from people who use words well and have lots of information in their sentences;
  • As you listen, sort out what you’re hearing into your categories and lists.

Strategies to Present and Explain Information Effectively

  • Put things into categories, or arrange them according to a schema;
  • Contribute in print to a variety of print media;
  • Rewrite any ideas and principles in your own words;
  • Be aware that others may not have a read/write preference like you, so respect their differences.

Exam Preparation Strategies for Read/Write Learners

  • Re-read and rewrite your notes and lessons multiple times;
  • Read and re-read your notes several times (in silence);
  • Rewrite ideas and principles differently, in different words;
  • Summarize the information into general statements, e.g., “The main idea is …”;
  • Convert actions, diagrams, tables, flowcharts into words;
  • Organize the information in the form of lists (a, b, c, …);
  • Imagine the lists as multiple-choice questions, and distinguish them from each other.

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