7 Online Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Online Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

With the pandemic still going around the world, businesses and studies did not stop; they only changed form from face-to-face meeting to virtual ones.

Nowadays, companies and schools hold online interviews for candidates. Yet, many people lose their chance to get accepted in this job or that school only because they fail to impress during the online interview.

Here we present the most lethal mistakes you should avoid during online interviews:

  • Being late for the interview:

Since the interview is online, you have no excuse to be late since all you have to do is to turn on your computer, click on the link to the meeting, and here you go.

So being late is totally unacceptable in such situation.

  • Messy/inappropriate surroundings:

A messy or dark room, or a background with dim light might give a bad impression of you since your room can reflect how you do things and how organized you are.

Thus, try to find a well-lit space with a white or light-colored background. It might look plain, but it will give you a professional and calm vibe.

  • Not knowing how to use the technology:

Imagine how embarrassing and frustrating it is to not know how to join the online interview or to not know how to share your screen with the interviewers when asked to.

You should download the app beforehand and run a mock-interview before the real one in order to know how to use it exactly so you do not get embarrassed in front of the jury in the day of the interview.

  • Slow internet connection:

Internet problems are inevitable, but you have to take that into consideration beforehand and try to find a place with the best internet coverage to avoid this annoying problem.

If your Wi-Fi is bad or many people are connected to it, use your mobile data instead since it’s coverage and speed are much better.

  • Noise:

It is easy for noise to destroy the mood in any situation, let alone a serious and professional job interview. If you live near the main road, always stay away from windows! If you live with someone, let them know in advance that you are having an interview, that way thaty won’t make unnecessary noises or wierd appearances.

  • Not looking at the interviewers:

I know it feels weird to look at the camera instead of the screen of your computer, but when you do so, you are not looking at the interviewers. For them, you are looking down and not at their eyes. That may give the impression that you are not interested. So, try to keep your eyes at the camera so they see you looking at them.

  • Not dressing appropriately:

Yes, you are at home. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear casual clothes for the online interview. It is not mandatory to wear a costume, but you have to wear some clothes that give you a professional vibe.

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