The 8 Types of Teachers We all Had in High School

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Although every teacher is unique, we all have come across a number of stereotypical teachers during our three years of high school. Here are a few that you’ll recognize. Which one is your favorite? Did we forget to mention a certain type? Tell us in the comments!

The Old Arabic Teacher

Arabic Teacher – Formations et emplois teachers

  • About to retire
  • Only speaks Classical Arabic
  • Nostalgic for the Golden age of Arabs
  • Recommends classics
  • writes articles for a local newspaper

The Detached French Teacher

The Detached French Teacher – Formations et emplois

  • Recites the curriculum every session
  • Dislikes 99% of the students
  • Bored all the time
  • Uses the blackboard for doodling
  • Glued to the desk

The Cool English Teacher – Formations et emplois

  • A breath of fresh air
  • Everybody loves her
  • Nobody skips her class
  • Everyone passes her class
  • Doesn’t follow the curriculum
  • In love with English Proverbs

The Nice Teacher

  • Bilingual
  • Either teaching French, History and Geography, or Accounting
  • Everyone passes with flying colors in her class
  • Empathetic
  • Doesn’t mark the absence

The Cultured Philosophy Teacher

  • Knows the date of every war and the name of every monarch that had ever lived
  • Jumps from one topic to another
  • The number of attendees decreases after every session
  • Can have a one-way conversation for two hours straight without getting tired.
  • Always carries a book around but never reads it.

 The Political Enthusiast Islamic Education Teacher


  • Has a newborn
  • Passionate about politics
  • Always dressed-up
  • Great memory with names and faces

The Unfathomable Physics Teacher

  • Wears the lab coat all the time
  • Most students can’t keep up with him for more than 20 min
  • Loves and adores experiments
  • Lives for complicating simple matters for everyone
  • Gets offended when students fail his exams

The Fatigued Physical Education Teacher

  • Out of shape
  • Never runs
  • Almost always absent
  • Wears sunglasses all the time
  • Doesn’t mind allowing students to skip his session when they have an exam to prepare for

Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental ( or not) :D!

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