10 Pieces of Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me Before Studying in College

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The transition from the lycée (high school) to la fac (college or faculty) can be quite challenging. In this article, I will share with you 10 pieces of advice that I wish someone had given me before going through la fac experience.

Don’t get underwhelmed

Many people view la fac in Morocco as the college for fresh high school graduates who could not get into a good school, college, or “école supérieure”. Needless to say, this idea is flawed. La fac can be an excellent choice that will open many doors in your face education-wise and career-wise.

Know the administration system

La fac is a massive institution compared to your high school indeed. So contacting the administration staff is not as straightforward as it was before. Ask senior students and the staff about the hierarchy and the task of each member, so you’ll know where to go when you need something. Also, if you are in need of a particular document, make sure to ask ahead of time.

There’s no shame in transferring from one college to another or switching majors

Trial and error are an essential part of life. Don’t be ashamed of admitting to yourself before others that you don’t like what you’re studying and you want to switch to another major. Remember, this is your future and your future alone. So, follow your heart!

Don’t get overwhelmed

The transition from high school to la fac can take a toll on you. This is why you need to prepare yourself, ask around, stay organized, plan ahead, and prioritize your mental health. Remember that all the freshman students are going through the same thing and that it will take time to adjust to any new situation in life.

Before knowing the subject, know the professor

You’d be surprised but you won’t study the same thing your cousin in the other part of the country studies just because you’re following the same major. Each professor follows an independent methodology. Hence, make sure that you know the professor, the curriculum, the examination system, and the grading method. This strategy will save you a great deal of energy and time in the upcoming years.

Work on your note-taking skills

One of the skills that improved my academic grades is note-taking. Believe me, it’s a game-changer. Taking neat, colorful, and organized notes will facilitate the task of exam preparation. Even if what the professor says sounds like Chinese to your ears, make sure to take notes! Your future self will thank you.

It’s not as easy as you think it would be

We’ve all been bombarded with stories of the guy who never shows up to classes, yet he manages to pass with flying colors by pulling an all-nighter on the day of the exam. Spoiler alert! This is not a true story. You need to take your classes seriously and study hard to pass an exam.

Know the grading system

Mostly, the academic year in la fac is made of two semesters. To pass the semester, you need to get 10/20 or more. La fac follows a modular system (système modulaire) in which you can compensate between all the subjects you’ve taken. Les facs in Morocco differ in specific details such as:

sboost.ma - Formation Employabilité Maroc 
Things no one told you about grading in la fac

These are some examples of the grading system in la fac. Hence, make sure you ask around to be prepared and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Choose your entourage carefully

It is vital to surround yourself with hardworking classmates who take their education seriously and have your best interests at heart. Moreover, there’re many group projects that you will have to do, so choose a clique with whom you enjoy working. Needless to say, don’t panic or get overwhelmed. It takes time before finding the perfect, or near-perfect, classmates.

Sitting for the make-up exams does not mean you are a loser

For all the competitive students out there, sitting for resit exams does not mean you failed, your parents are disappointed, and it’s the end of the world, but rather a great chance to improve your grades and to buy you some time.

I hope this article answered some of the questions you had and cleared up ambiguity as far as studying in la fac is concerned.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and let us know in the forum.

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